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We provide customers with a wide range of mechanical equipment used in various places of modern logistics, which greatly improves work efficiency and won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

  • Oil Drum Stacker Custom Collection

    • Lifting methods Mot Operating type Go on foot Bearing wheel size Φ80×60m m Steering wheel size Φ180×50mm Maximum lift speed, laden/unladen 40-50/85-95m m Maximum lowering speed, laden/unladen 90-110/85-95mm Lift motor 1.6kw

    Oil Drum Stacker Custom Collection
  • Manual Stacker Custom

    • Rated load: 400kg Minimum fork height: 90mm Maximum fork height after lifting: 1300mm  Fork working length: 615mm

    Manual Stacker Custom
  • CBD50X Electric Pallet Trucks Custom

    • Model Unit CBD50 Overall vehicle length l1(mm) 2650 Rated load Q(Kg) 5000 Overall vehicle width b(mm) 855 Load centre distance C(mm) 600 Overall vehicle height mm 1200 Lifting methods   Electric Passage width mm 3000 Mode of operation   Walking Minimum turning radius Wa(mm) 2170 Materials   PU Maximum travel speed (full/no load) km/h 4/5 Wheelbase y(mm) 1723 Max. lifting speed (full load/no load) mm/s 15/20 Drive wheels/balance wheels/weight-bearing wheels Quantity   1×+4/4 Maximum descent speed (full/no load) mm/s 20/15 Load-bearing wheel size mm Φ80×110 Fast/slow speed adjustment function   Yes Drive wheel size mm Φ260×105 Climbing % ≤4 Balance wheel size mm Φ150×40 Drive mode   AC Minimum fork height from the ground h13(mm) 90 Drive motors V/Kw 24/4 Maximum height after fork lift mm 200 Lifting motors V/Kw 24/2.2 Max. lifting stroke h1(mm) 115 Battery capacity V/Ah 24/210 Outside width of forks mm 715 Charger type V/A 24/30 Inside fork width mm 255 Battery weight Kg 200 Fork dimensions l/e/s(mm) 1680/230/70 Self-weight Kg 880

    CBD50X Electric Pallet Trucks Custom
  • Semi-Electric Stacker Custom

    • Rated load: 200kg Minimum fork height: 490mm Maximum fork height after lifting: 1500mm  Fork working length: 530mm

    Semi-Electric Stacker Custom
  • SYP-IIK-P Hydraulic Pallet Truck Custom

    • Rated load Kg 2000 Minimum fork height mm 85 Maximum fork height after lifting mm 200 Max. lifting stroke mm ≥110 Suitable tube diameter mm 400-1500 Fork working length mm 915-2000 Single fork width mm 160 Fork thickness mm 50 Diameter of cylinder lift rod mm Φ35 Load-bearing double wheel size mm Φ80×70 Steering wheel size mm Φ180×50 Wheel material   Nylon Self-weight Kg 63-75

    SYP-IIK-P Hydraulic Pallet Truck Custom
  • Scissor Platform Truck Custom Series

    • Rated load: 250kg Minimum height of platform: 220mm Maximum height of platform after lifting: 800mm  Platform size: 815×590mm Suitable for bearing type diameter: 250mm

    Scissor Platform Truck Custom Series
  • CPD-E Electric Stacker Custom Series

    • Rated load: 500kg Minimum fork height: 80mm Maximum height after fork lift: 650mm Fork working length: 630mm Overall dimensions: 1630*840*1280mm

    CPD-E Electric Stacker Custom Series
  • Custom Collection

    • Rated load: 300kg Minimum fork height: 70mm Maximum height after fork lift: 1000mm Fork working length: 600mm

    Custom Collection

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Customized Solutions.

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  • Balance Wheel Selection

    Balance Wheel Selection

    We offer a variety of custom wheel options, including balance wheels, regular wheels, and wheel customization for non-standard models based on your requirements.

  • Optional Protective Plate

    Optional Protective Plate

    We provide custom wheel protection panels to protect the operator's feet from unnecessary damage caused by the forward or reverse of the transporter.

  • Counterweight


    Counterweights of different weights and sizes can be provided according to customer needs.

  • Custom Weighing Function

    Custom Weighing Function

    Any of our products can be equipped with an optional weighing function, which allows you to measure the weight of the goods and check whether the goods are missing.

  • Highly Customizable

    Highly Customizable

    Considering that the goods in different industries are different, you can customize the necessary parts of the body to thicken or lengthen, and we can do it for you.

  • Custom Cargo Box

    Custom Cargo Box

    To prevent the goods from falling during transportation, we can add a cargo frame to the corresponding position of the transporter to avoid such things from happening.

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Zhejiang Lanxi Shanye Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xiangxi Industrial Zone, Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province. We are professional

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. Include producte of manual hydraulic trucks, manual hydraulic stackers, manual hydraulic platform trucks, semi-electric hydraulic stackers, and all-electric hydraulic stackers and other logistics equipment production enterprise. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 management system, and all products have obtained EU CE, TUV and GS certification.

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The logistics equipment produced by Shanye Machinery has strong market competitiveness, and its products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions such as Canada, the United States, Australia, Russia, etc.

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